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Individual Taxes

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Income Tax Preparation In New Jersey And Beyond

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Take the hassle out of tax time with Greentree Accounting and Tax Services. Our tax accountants, who are licensed IRS Enrolled Agents, specialize in income tax preparation for individuals, investors and families.

The IRS has reported that millions of people a year make a mistake on their taxes, whether they do the returns themselves or use a tax preparation firm. Did you know that 77% of all taxpayers say they benefited from using a professional tax accountant?

Tax laws today are complex and ever-changing, so if you’re not up to date on them like a professional is, you could be missing out on important deductions and credits. Plus, our tax status and living situations can change, opening up new opportunities for tax mistakes. At the same time, automatic software companies preach about how quick and easy it is to use their platforms, but is it worth it to save time if you’re making costly mistakes on your taxes?

A Good Tax Accountant Doesn't Have To Cost A Fortune

Obviously, there are advantages to using a tax preparation firm, but how can you know which one will ensure you’re getting the most from your taxes? And how can you pick one that’s affordable? Then we will review the return for potential IRS red flags and review possible issues to minimize them. The return can be filed electronically, resulting in a quicker refund.

Greentree Accounting and Tax Services can help. Our NJ income tax preparation professionals go the extra mile to ensure that we answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns as your return is prepared.

In addition to preparing your taxes, we’ll show you tips and tricks to maximize deductions, credits and refunds. This can help you limit your tax liability this year and in the future. It’s the kind of personal customer service that automated tax software can’t provide. Greentree’s caring, knowledgeable NJ tax accountants can explain everything so you are empowered to understand your taxes and boost your overall financial success.

Accounting In New Jersey That yhour Can Depend On

Our Income Tax Preparation Servcies Include:

  • Schedule A - Itemized Deductions
  • Schedule B – Interest and Dividend Income
  • Schedule C – Business Income
  • Schedule D – Capital Gains & Losses from Sale of Property and Securities
  • Schedule E – Rental Income
  • All other income tax schedules and forms
  • Tax Planning and Research
  • Form 2848 – Power of Attorney
  • State and IRS representation for State and IRS problem resolution and audits

Complete Peace Of Mind - The Greentree Way

In the end, you will have complete peace of mind knowing that your taxes were prepared professionally, accurately and fully in compliance. Plus, you’ll receive customized, customer support that meets your individual needs and requirements. We’re all about ensuring your complete satisfaction. And if you run a business, you’re in luck: Greentree offers tax planning and business tax services. We are located conveniently in Southern New Jersey to serve you not only at tax time, but throughout the year.

Contact us today to discuss your tax preparation needs-call (888) 623- 1911.